Monday, October 26, 2015

Ha ha they literally sold them trash! (*weeps softly for what society has become*)

While pretty much the worst thing you can say about rich people in terms of their eating habits is that they will pay thousands of dollars to drink coffee made from cat poop, this opening paragraph from a story about fast food's attempts to become healthier is a close second:

Like many of their millennial peers, Kathleen Davis and Andrea Nguyen eat out a lot. “Nothing fancy,’’ Davis told me one recent evening, as she took a sidewalk table next to mine at Sweetgreen in Nolita. “We want what we eat to be healthy and tasty,’’ Davis said. “Decent prices matter, too.” The women were working their way through one of the restaurant’s seasonal specialties—the “wastED” salad, which consists almost entirely of carrot peels, broccoli stalks, roasted bread heels, cabbage cores, and other ingredients that are usually tossed out.

There is literally NOTHING you cannot sell rich people. If you take ANYTHING and say it's "exclusive" and/or "healthy" and you mark it up 1,000% they will buy it.

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