Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Update On God: God is sort of like a defense attorney or life coach I guess.

The Atlanta police investigating
the double murder of two men
by Ray Lewis and his friends.
A 2013 poll showed that 27% of Americans believe God directly intervenes in the outcome of football games. (30% of Americans, meanwhile, believe there is no point in planning or trying to do much of anything because their fate is in God's hands.)  But God apparently does directly intervene in people's lives, or at least in the lives of (allegedly) murderous NFL player-turned-commentator Ray "That Ain't A Knife/This Is A Knife" Lewis.  In his new biography Ray says that after he was arrested for obstructing the investigation into a murder that 'happened' right next to him in a fight he was in:

 I heard God’s voice. I did. he came to me from somewhere in the darkness of that holding cell—said, “Can you hear me now?” And underneath this voice, in the middle of that darkness, there was a message—came in clear and loud and true. The message: whatever much and more I had to slog through in that jail cell in Atlanta, it would strengthen me. Whatever shadows there were now, hanging over me and my family, it would strengthen me. Whatever dirt these people in law enforcement were determined to do to my name, my standing, my pride, it would only strengthen me. Can you hear me now? Oh yes—yes, I can hear you! Yes!

Ray had been arrested for interfering in the investigation into two as-yet-unsolved murders at a nightclub in Atlanta, a nightclub Ray was at; the two men were in a fight with Ray and his group.

Ray Lewis didn't say whether God had previously told him to hide his bloody white suit in a dumpster outside the hotel, or whether God's advice was that Ray tell everyone in the car to shut up and not talk to the police.  Ray was also silent, in his book, about whether it was true his two friends had gone to buy knives the day before the murders, and didn't comment on whether God had any advice about how to deal with the victims' blood being found in Ray's limo.

There is a statue of Ray Lewis put up by the Baltimore Ravens. Ray says he prays every day that God ease the pain of "anybody who was affected by that whole ordeal." His book doesn't say if God answers back.

Ray's victims do not have a statue in their honor.

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