Thursday, December 31, 2015

it's all in how you look at it i guess but still i'd like some coffee

This morning, Mr F managed to dump my coffee.  He does that most days -- every morning is a battle between me and him: I try to make my coffee, he tries to get into the kitchen when I'm not paying attention and dump the coffee out.

Today I'd brewed a pot of coffee and poured one cup, and was sitting on the couch reading the news and drinking it.  Mr F wandered away from where he was playing the piano and into the kitchen and by the time I realized it he was at the coffee pot, pouring the rest of it out.

I wiped up the bit of mess and said "Well I guess you won today," as he wandered out of the kitchen.

I came out and sat back down on the couch and said to Mr Bunches "I get only the one cup of coffee today," and he said:

"You are a lucky man, Dad."

He's right.

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