Thursday, February 04, 2016

Or maybe make a reference to this place being even more boring than Tosche Station. (Star Wars References)

If there was a bright center to the universe, I was on the planet it was farthest from. Please pass the blue milk, Aunt Beru.

Armada: A novel, Ernest Cline.

My theory that Star Wars has become the entire basis of Western Civilization, and will be the only thing remembered about the 20th century a thousand years from now (think that's ridiculous? Beowulf was the Star Wars of 700 AD) keeps getting proven in pop culture. People reference Star Wars to make a point and/or to score cheap points from fans of the movie. Hey we both know that thing from that movie!

Although it's not really that unusual to see a Star Wars reference in a scifi book, it is unusual to see one on page 4, as this one was.  On that same page, Cline references Time Bandits, both of which are cheap (clever?) ways of establishing a rapport with his narrator and demonstrating who this person is.

Although if you want to claim to be more than a Star Wars poser, you'd probably want to go for a deeper reference. Maybe say something about getting those units on the South Ridge repaired.

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