Thursday, August 11, 2016

I haven't posted that many pictures here lately

So I'll make up for that over the next couple of weeks, posting some of my favorite pictures from the 72/90ths of summer that has already gone by.

Sculptures on the east side of Madison:

A mouse that was hiding in a sink drain in the changing room at a beach we went to:

Mr F raises the roof at B B Clarke beach in Madison:

Mr F relaxes as "rock beach" near our house, on Lake Mendota:

Motor trailer in a town along the Mississippi River in Northwest Wisconsin; I had to go about 4 1/2 hours north to interview a witness, and drove back along the Mississippi:

This is a bridge over the Mississippi. Technically, if you are driving from a location in Wisconsin to another location in Wisconsin, you should not have to cross the Mississippi River, which forms the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. But if you have a GPS, which, when you punch in the street and number of your house, decides to send you to that street and number in a town in Minnesota, you will get to cross the Old Miss, and then you will realize that you are going to be very late for dinner:

Storm clouds over a farm, western Wisconsin. (Yep, i was back in Wisconsin by this point.)

Marina on the Mississippi:

Beach on the Mississippi:

Scenic overlook. This is not the Mississippi anymore, but Lake Pepin in Wisconsin. Fort St. Antoine was a fort built in the 1680s in Wisconsin, by the French. The French would control this area of Wisconsin until the end of the 7 Years' War, in 1763, the result of which was the French ceding all land east of the Mississippi to England.

Had France won that war, it's possible that people in Wisconsin would speak French and have French traditions, the way Quebec does in Canada.


Liz A. said...

72/90ths? Where'd you get that number. Which is so easily reduced... (My math geek is coming out.) 4/5ths. Isn't that a much better number?

Andrew Leon said...

I want those statues!

And that bridge pic is really cool.

Briane Pagel said...


I figure there's 90 days of summer. (It's actually 92, so this would be 72/92nds of summer) and I hadn't tried reducing it because I only do the parts of math that are inconsequential but interesting to me, like when I calculated in my head how many more laps I'd have to do at the club if I ran the inside track rather than the outside (it's about 1/3 more laps per mile, making their rather large and stern sign "1 mile = 12 laps ON OUTSIDE LANE" seem somewhat unnecessary, as you'd have to run 4 miles indoors to have that really make a difference, and even then you'd have run 3 11/12ths miles, so pretty good.

What were we talking about?

Andrew: That bridge pic was definitely NOT taken while I was driving on that road towards a bridge when lost and crossing America's largest river.