Saturday, August 06, 2016

I'm either on to something here or I've just wasted thirty minutes of my life working this out with more thought and detail than I put into ... well pretty much everything.

Andrew Leon's post about Star Wars: Rebels the other day made me think of some revisionist history for Star Wars, which is the kind of thinking I like to indulge in at night when I'm sitting in the boys' room and can no longer dwell on economic inequality or how terrible lawyers are or work on my latest novel which is about superheroes. (Teaser alert!)

Anyway, what Andrew said was this:

What we know about Star Wars in general is that Anakin was the most powerful Jedi ever, even more powerful than Yoda. That is, until Luke was born, and Luke is supposed to be even more powerful than Anakin (even though no one ever took his midi-chlorian count),

That got me thinking. In Episodes I-III, a scientific basis for The Force is laid out: there are midichlorians and Jedis have a school and teach kids, and a library, and are a recognized presence in the universe.

But by Episode IV, some 20-ish years after the events in Revenge Of The Sith, Han is referring to "Hokey religions and ancient weapons," and General Mott tells Vader not to try to scare them with his sorceror's ways and his devotion to an ancient religion.

What if, in the 20 years after the Jedi were stricken down by the events in Revenge Of The Sith, the science of The Force fell away and people began to think of it only as an old legend or hokey magic tricks, forgetting that as recently as two decades ago people understood the basis for the science behind the Jedi and Sith powers?

It's not so farfetched. Think about things we use nowadays like wifi and lasers and laptops. Those were made possible by understandings of quantum mechanics that were so difficult to make a leap to, even Einstein didn't trust them.  Now imagine that someone wipes out every scientist on earth, everyone who has even the most basic understanding of the way to make these things work, leaving only three -- apparently -- scientists in the entire world who have any idea about these things, and two of those are in hiding.  Let 20 years go by, and see if people 20 years from now think wifi is 'sorcery' or so much hokum.

It works even better if you remember that even though it apparently had a scientific basis in the midichlorians, "the Force" couldn't be used by just anyone, and it's likely the Jedi didn't let on how 'the Force' was generated because if they did, people might not regard it with the awe they had otherwise. If we saw a guy flying around, it'd be amazing, but less so if we realized he was just using a jetpack that we couldn't see. (Still amazing, though...)

If that's the case, that "the Force" has a scientific basis, then it could only awaken by having more people with midichlorians found, or perhaps by creating people with midichlorians. Remember, Anakin didn't have a father, and was raised on Tatooine. Luke was raised on Tatooine and is apparently stronger than Anakin/Vader.  Now, we know someone dumped Rey on whatever-that-planet-was (I've forgotten the name.) Could that be to create more midichlorians through some process known only to Jedi?


Andrew Leon said...

Well, I don't think people would have quite the same view of wi-fi as they do the Jedi because a lot of people have used wi-fi. If it all went away, my kids would still remember having it, etc. The difference is that most people had never actually met a Jedi, so it was easy to come to think of them as something made up. Probably, people on Coruscant would not have felt the same way.

And I'm not with your theory of seeding planets with force kids. I'm pretty sure that Rey was abandoned in the same way Luke was, because her parents (Luke and Rey's mother) were trying to hide her from Kylo Ren.

Liz A. said...

Interesting point. I've been wondering myself how long it takes a population to forget about things that everyone once knew. I was thinking more like 50 years, though.