Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Books 71, 72, and 73: I've fallen behind PS PLUS BOOK 74 and a Very Special Guest Star.

I meant to post about Book 71:

But then I didn't right away and then I finished book 72:

And I thought oh man I can't post about that one before I write up book 71 and before I knew it I'd finished book 73:

At which point I figured I'd better just clear the path and get on with my life. So:

Book 71, very good, read it before, still just as good and creepy the second time around, a good horror story so you know this time of year, go for it. My thoughts on it when I read it the first time are in this post here.

Book 72: Awesome. "The Story Of Your Life" is a great time-travel story, and there is a story about religion that blew me away and I'd talk about it more but the point is to get this done and move on, so I would DEFINITELY say read this collection because all the stories are at least good and two are great and one is phenomenal.

Book 73: Surprisingly entertaining and far better than the reviewers would have you believe. A solid book that's not a bad read.

TRUE STORY: I drafted the above and was going to post it but got tied up with stuff, and before I could post it I finished Book 74:

The thing that tied me up between the first three books and the fourth was drawing with Mr Bunches. Specifically, drawing actors who voice-overed the "Angry Birds" movie.  This is Tim Allen:


Andrew Leon said...

If I'm nobody, that's true.

Briane Pagel said...

You might honestly be the ONLY person who reads this blog. I'm at a loss. But thanks for continuing to read!