Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Here is the one reason Donald Trump won.

That reason? Democrats don't vote. And they don't understand how government works.

I said exactly 5 months ago that Democrats don't vote. And I pointed out that Democrats don't understand that congressional districts, and local races, are as important (if not more important) than the presidency.

Democrats don't vote, and don't understand how government really works. I noted just two weeks later that Trump had the support of older, poorer, less educated people. Democrats here failed to pay attention to what happened in the Brexit vote, and didn't understand that smart hip young college students -- Democrats -- don't vote.

Democrats might not vote because there was no reason to vote for Hillary!, who, I noted, was basically a Republican when it came to the issues that mattered.  I tried, this morning, recalling a single policy position Hillary! took in the final months of the campaign. The only one I could think of was "I'm not Trump." Running against someone -- as Democrats in Wisconsin proved three times with Scott Walker -- doesn't make people vote for you.

It's possible voter ID laws and other measures, even if suspended temporarily, helped suppress the Democratic vote, as federal judges in many states ruled in invalidating those programs. But that again just demonstrates that the Democrats' insistence on focusing on the presidency has helped doom them. With Republicans in control now, the swing vote on the US Supreme Court will make Clarence Thomas look like John Marshall, and those Voter ID cases that make it to the highest court will likely be approved, forever altering the political landscape.

At least that will give some Democrats a reason for not voting, because Democrats don't vote.

Here's how you know Democrats don't vote.

In 2012, 65,000,000 Democrats voted for Barack Obama.  60,000,000 Republicans voted for Romney.

In 2016, 59,000,000 Democrats voted for Hillary!, while just shy of 59,000,000 voted for Trump.

I can't prove that they're all the same people, but here's what that says: 6,000,000 Democrats who voted in 2012 didn't vote in 2016, while nearly every Republican who voted in 2012 made it to the polls this year.

Democrats don't vote.  So while you moan on Twitter about how terrible things are, remember: if you are a Democrat, the odds are you didn't vote. This is on you.

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Andrew Leon said...

We voted but,then, we're in CA...