Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nontraditional traditions: 71 down, 9285 to go.

Matt wanted to come up for a "traditional" day of sledding -- although I'm not sure how it's traditional if our family has never actually done a "traditional" day of sledding. Doesn't something have to be done at least once to become a "tradition?"

Anyway, when I was unable to talk him out of it, I caved in and so last night Sweetie and I took the Babies! to the store to get them boots and sweatpants. Mr Bunches was crabby because I'd let them watch "Peter Pan" during their nap, and that being the funniest movie ever, he didn't sleep at all. We spent about 30 minutes trying to wrestle him and Mr F into submission to get at least one boot on them for trying-on purposes, and then chased them through the little boys' section to get them to try on the snow pants, having to twice drop everything and go after them, and having to also once stop a fight over who got to carry the hanger from the snow pants, since Mr Bunches had it but Mr F wanted it, prompting Sweetie, who ordinarily never stoops to shoplifting, to take a hanger from a nearby rack and give it to Mr F, at which point both of them lost interest entirely in hangers.

Now, today, it's raining.

Song 71: "Velvet Snow," By Kings of Leon:

Down... to Go: Every song on my iPod, and pretty much everything that happens to me. Song 70 here.

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