Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's invent a new letter! (The Found Alphabet, D)

Saturday morning, to give Sweetie a break from the Babies and some peace and quiet, I took them with me to pay my remaining $5.00 fine at the library (thus ensuring my victory and ending the feud), then to the park. For most of the morning, Mr F amused himself by going down the "tornado slide" over and over (about 20, by my count) and by trying to avoid the little girl who thought he was cute -- she was 3, and had come over and tried to hug him, causing him to grimace and go hide behind the swings.)

Mr Bunches, meanwhile, focused his attention on trying to climb up the ultra-slippery tunnel slide, forcing me to lie on my back in it and serve as a foot-hold -- putting my hands down and having him brace himself on those while he climbed and climbed, hair rising in the static-electricity-filled atmosphere.

When he tired of that, he began playing a game where he'd go across a metal bridge and then jump into my arms.

The jungle gym that served as the base camp for all the slide and jumping and metal bridge had a kind of tic-tac-toe game on it with a bunch of letters and things associated with those letters, including the "D" that makes up the fourth letter of the Found Alphabet.

I couldn't figure out the entire pattern, though -- "E" and "I" were on there twice, and I'm pretty sure there was no "Q" or "Z." Then there were blanks, too, maybe for kids to make up their own letters of the alphabet?

Then, after I thought of that, I thought: maybe we do need a new letter of the alphabet. So I spent the next half-hour catching Mr Bunches as he jumped, keeping an eye on Mr F, and trying to figure out what the new letter would be, and what it would look like.

Then Mr F tried to run to the river, so I had to stop, and as a result, the world does not have its new alphabet letter.


Letter "C" here.

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