Thursday, January 21, 2010

And here I'd thought it was just a blue shirt. (3 Good Things From 1/18-1/20/10)

I'm back 'puting, sort of, almost. Stupid work, always getting in the way of the things I want to do instead of work! You know, just because they pay me to do stuff shouldn't mean I have to actually do stuff. Here's some Good Things from the last few days to help me get back into the swing of things, before I have to do more work.

1. Mr Bunches taught himself sign language! We have a bunch of those "Baby Einstein" DVDs to help make the Babies! into geniuses, and I was skeptical of them until this week, when Mr Bunches revealed that he knows sign language. Many of the DVDs show places and words and animals and then print the word and show someone saying the word in sign language, so this week, Mr Bunches came down and started signing tree and swing and ball and baby and more.

He doesn't keep his pants on regularly -- but he can speak two languages. Three if you count the way he and Mr F talk to each other.

2. Everyone liked my new shirt and tie. For my birthday, my dad got me a shirt and tie combo that I immediately told Sweetie to go exchange. The color combination Dad had picked out was a sort of purplish-pink that wasn't quite either of those colors. It wasn't a color found in nature and certainly not a color found on me. Sweetie went and got me a blue shirt and tie combo, and on Tuesday, when I wore it for the first time, I got eight different compliments on it. That's eight more than I've received on my clothes in all of Twenty-Ten.

3. Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN continue to read my blogs. Back when I had a sports blog, I realized that Mike & Mike on ESPN were reading it when, at one point, they made some references on-air to particular phrases that I used. I don't have a whole sports blog anymore, but I still do the Sunday Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! posts that none of you, apparently, read. (I'm still going to keep doing them, so you might as well read them.) In those posts, I habitually refer to the team I call Brett Favre's Minnesota Vikings. Yesterday, Mike and Mike made that same reference, the only one I've heard outside of my blog. So when you listen to sports coverage this week (and I know you will), and hear Brett Favre's Minnesota Vikings, you'll know who to thank. (Me),

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