Monday, January 18, 2010

It is an actual circumstance that makes a point about human folly and the misdirection of intentions. (3 Good Things From The Past Weekend)

I can never believe it's Monday again. Not because the weekend goes by so quickly but because I can't believe that we haven't yet abolished Mondays. Here's my 3 Good Things from the weekend!

1. Mr F and Mr Bunches' haircuts look great! Mr F and Mr Bunches hate getting their haircut. They express that hate by refusing to sit still, yelling, crying, grabbing the combs from the hair stylist, and, occasionally, stuffing the cut hair into my mouth. In spite of that, I resolved to take them this weekend, and it went... better than I'd expected, in that Mr F sat still for 2 of the 20 minutes his haircut took, while Mr F mostly just sobbed heartbreakingly as though his hair were shipping off to war.

The stylist did a great job and they look excellent -- and then she tried to dissuade me from ever coming there again. "You know, there's hair salons that have toys and things that the kids can sit in to make it more fun for them," she said, hoping I'd note that this salon had none of those things. "You should take them to one of those."

"But you do a really good job here," I said.

"Well, just think about it," she told me.

Also, she didn't get my joke. Near the end of Mr Bunches' haircut, she said "Boy, he doesn't like this," and I said "Well, it's my fault. I forgot to ask for the nonterrifying haircut."

She just looked at me blankly.

2. Sweetie and I got to go out to lunch on a very romantic date that involved also trying to find a candy store I'm sure exists. I got The Boy to babysit the Babies! for a while Saturday afternoon so that Sweetie and I could go to lunch and have some time alone. After our very-romantic lunch (in which I talked about the Malcolm Gladwell book I'm reading and Sweetie tried to remember why she'd wanted to come along), we went for a drive with no particular destination in mind at first. Then I remembered that I'd once read an article about there being a candy store that sells old-fashioned candy, on the East Side of Madison (I thought) so we drove over to that East Side, and then drove aimlessly down one of the two main roads on the East Side, before deciding that we might as well just go home.

And I had a meatball sandwich, so it was win-win.

3. Brett Favre's Minnesota Vikings won! I don't get too invested in football games, as a rule, because it's just a game, and not even one I'm playing. But I was glad to see my sports idol win his playoff game, if only because it means I get another week of wearing my Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings' jersey.

Almost as exciting was that the Jets won. In part, I liked that because they're underdogs, and in part I liked it because I don't like the Chargers (even though I like their uniforms) and in part I liked it because I like Jim Leonhard, former Badger and current extremely-undersized Jet. But mostly I like it because, for once, something that people will describe as ironic truly is "ironic," in that the Jets were playing the Colts, and were almost out of the playoffs when the Colts pulled their starters and gave up on the game, letting the Jets win and giving the Jets a chance to make the playoffs... and now the Jets play Indy and may knock them out of the playoffs.

Or, to put it the way the cartoon Archer did, hilariously, "It's as if O. Henry and Alanis Morissette had a baby and named it after this exact moment."


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Petri Dish said...

"...while Mr F mostly just sobbed heartbreakingly as though his hair were shipping off to war."
Nice line, made me awwww and giggle at the same time.

Briane P said...

That's the dream of any blogger.