Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In celebration of comments and secret codes (3 Good Things from 1/25/10)

My 3 Good Things from yesterday aren't strictly necessary today in light of the fact that I'm home from work and it's only 2 in the afternoon -- a half day! -- but I'm still going to list them because, well, that's the point of this. Today, I'm focusing on two comments left yesterday and also an amazing thing I found out while "working."

1. Petri Dish, this is for you: Petri Dish commented on Sunday's Nonsportsmanlike Conduct! -- proving that people read at least the first few lines of the sports post -- and said I shouldn't give readers that much power. Dance, monkey, dance, I was told, and I will:

2. Renee, this is for you: Renee M. looked at the 1001 Ways number 19 -- the one about how "not dying" ought to be treated as a universal right -- and agreed with me, which is always a smart move. I couldn't find a song about "People agreeing that other people should have a right to health care" -- there's an underrepresented genre -- so I'm going with I Am Not Your Broom, by They Might Be Giants:

3. Everyone, this is just weird: I may as well admit that I get about 98% of my knowledge from Cracked.com. Yesterday, I read their article on famous stuff hidden in other famous stuff, and the most freaky thing in it was the mention of constant artistic references to UFOs -- but the most musical freaky think in it was the fact that The Last Supper contains a musical work:

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