Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soon, no more tiny 'puting. (3 Good Things From 1/27/10)

I can't believe it's Thursday... when inside, I want it to be Friday. Here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday.

1. The laptop is done being fixed! For almost a month now, we've had our tiny 'puter that replaced the laptop that went on the fritz on New Year's Eve. Almost two weeks ago the repair shop had said they could fix it but I hadn't heard from them as of Monday, so I began to wonder if maybe I'd gotten things wrong... had they said it was fixed, and I was just leaving it there? I called them on Monday, and the guy on the phone made me more nervous: after a few minutes, he hemmed and hawed and said I'm gonna have to have the tech call you on this. I figured the worst: My laptop had become the target of an Oceans-11 style ring of thieves who wanted to get at my collection of finished and almost-finished novels, and it was gone forever.

But, instead, the tech called up and said it's ready to be picked up, so not only do I avoid buying a new computer, but I avoid losing all the work I'd not backed up yet (meaning all the work, since I'd gotten lazy about backing things up.)

2. I'm pretty sure I did okay on the Jeopardy! online test. Once a year, I get to take the Jeopardy! test and dream of getting onto my favorite game show. Last night was the annual test, and I got Mr Bunches distracted for the 10 minutes it took so I could focus on questions like Who was the 2009 World Series MVP? and Which country did Israel get the Golan Heights from in the Six Days War? (I got both right!) So keep watching Jeopardy!, as my boss promised that if I got on and went on a Ken Jennings-style spree, he'd let me have all that time off of work.

3. I got interviewed by a TV reporter for another news story: Our local ABC affiliate, Channel 27, put me on the air back in December as an expert on store credit cards, and yesterday interviewed me about Wisconsin's lack of effort in enforcing consumer protection laws. So by the time I get on Jeopardy!, I'll probably have to appear on the celebrity version.

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