Saturday, April 10, 2010

An actual workday, broken down to its parts (And one of the parts is casino gambling.)

Like everyone else in America, my workday breaks down like this:

1% work.
1.5% waiting for someone to announce that the office is ordering pizza in.
97.5% surfing the Internet.

That is not, as you might guess, the most profitable way to run an economy. But I've had an idea -- more of a Shelbyville idea, if you will-- about how to start making a little do-re-mi... while I work.

Two words: casino games.

One more word: Online.

Another word: Ratings.

I've lost count of the words.

Here's what I'm getting at: You can play casino games online and win actual money, and you can find out which casino games are the best to play -- which have the greatest payouts, which are safest, which are most fun, and which offer the most bonuses for signing up, by going to "TX Gambling," the Best Online Casino Games rating site. They have quick- but accurate-- reviews of all the hottest sites, with links to download the stuff you'll need to play the game right away. Pro gamblers endorse this site, so you should, too.

Then you can find the games that'll let you earn enough money to BUY the office a pizza. (Call me when you do. I'll be right over.)

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