Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Jellybeans aren't supposed to look like amoebas. (3 Good Things From 4/5/10)

I feel out of it today, like I didn't sleep last night. Or, as I told Sweetie, "I think I dreamed all night that I was awake." Here's 3 Good Things to perk me up...

1. Sixpeat! (that word is copyright me.) When Butler's final shot clanked off the rim last night and Duke won... a victory I saw by waking up in time after dozing off about 5 minutes into the second half... I was the winner in my annual NCAA Tournament bet with The Boy -- winning for the sixth consecutive time. I've never lost my NCAA bet with The Boy, in six years of betting a t-shirt on the outcome. One of these days, I'm going to wear all six shirts at once.

2. The judge was running later than me. I had a court hearing yesterday and got a slightly-late start, and then got tied up in traffic, resulting in my arriving at 10:55 a.m. for a 10:45 a.m. hearing... but the judge was behind, too, so nobody would have been any the wiser that I was late, if I hadn't called from the road to talk to his clerk and say why I was late.

But we won, anyway.

3. I only had to eat one of the suspect jellybeans. Mr Bunches likes to play with the jellybeans, and carry them around, and then feed them to people. Last night, he brought me a red jellybean that barely qualified as a jellybean: it was droopy and blurred around the edges and shaped more like an amoeba, and it was (when he put it in my mouth), warm. But I ate it, because I'm a good daddy and a sucker. (Sweetie, later, only pretended to eat her no-longer-a-jellybean, which puts me ahead of her in parenting.)

110 down, 10,635 to go: I first knew this song as the song that WALL-E likes to listen to, and then I knew it as the song that I liked to sing the first line of to Mr Bunches (and then call him Barnaby for a while), and now, I know it as song 110 from my iPod, Put On Your Sunday Clothes from the Hello, Dolly Soundtrack.

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