Monday, April 05, 2010

Nothing against you, John Irving. (3 Good Things From the 4/2-4/4 Weekend.)

The hardest part of coming back from Easter weekend? Trying to figure out a way to count "Easter candy" as "breakfast." While I work on that, here's my 3 Good Things from the weekend.

1. I've got the time, thanks to Sweetie:
One of my Easter presents from Sweetie was that she got my watch fixed up, something I'd been meaning to do since about January, but had never gotten around to it. Then, yesterday, mixed in with the bag of candy and the addition to the Piano Tuning Fund (my ongoing request for presents is that Sweetie put money into a fund to save up to tune our piano), was my watch, with the battery replaced and set to the correct time.

I feel whole again.

2. Mr. F: Shopaholic: Saturday morning, at the very beginning of a whirlwind of a day, I took Mr F and Mr Bunches shopping for Sweetie's Easter present. We stopped first at the $1-stuff-bins at Target, where I told Mr F he could get one thing. He immediately tried to scoop up about 8 little "light-up" caterpillars, and a foam axe, and a large rubber bug, and what appeared to be a random stick.

After talking him down from that, we stopped later in the toy section so Mr Bunches could get a new Hot Wheel. Mr F then saw a display of toy pet-shop animals (I'm not sure, so don't ask...) and tried to scoop up those, too, grabbing six different boxes of various toy-pet related goods. We ended up putting those in the cart to mollify him -- but I then slowly took them back out of the cart as we made our way through the store, so, Target on the West Side of Madison, I'm sorry that there are toys scattered throughout your store.

(While I'm on the subject, Woodman's Groceries in Madison, I'm sorry that Mr F spilt cheese puffs in two separate aisles of your store Saturday.)

Later, in Target, Mr F would try to grab three bags of snacks, and then two "Hello Kitty" nail polishes.

3. I finally found out what the last line of the book Last Night In Twisted River is even though the world tried to keep me from doing so. I've been reading Last Night In Twisted River since I got it for Christmas, and I've been dying to find out what the last line is since I heard that John Irving writes the last line of his books first. I got close last Thursday, when I had only 30 pages left. Then, Friday night, I read another 5 before getting too sleepy. Saturday morning, I brought the book with me and read it in the car while I waited to pick up Sweetie from her salon appointment, but I had fifteen pages left when she finished up.

Saturday afternoon, on the way home from Sweetie's parents, the Babies! fell asleep in the car. We got to our house about 30 minutes after they fell asleep, so I told Sweetie I didn't want to move them from the car and wake them up; instead, I took out Twisted River and figured "I'll read this in the car while they nap," and I began to do that -- read my book sitting in my car in the driveway while the Babies! slept -- only they woke up right away.

Then I went jogging, took them to the park, did the grocery shopping for Sweetie, gave the Babies! a bath and put them to bed and then put away the groceries, and figured I'd finish the book for sure after that. But at about 9:30, I grabbed a milk carton to put away and dropped it on the floor, causing it to explode all over the kitchen, so I had to mop the floor and clean the walls and take the curtains down to the laundry and wipe off the ceiling, so that finally, at 10 p.m. Saturday night, I sat down and read through the final fifteen pages.

And the result? It wasn't so great a last line.

109 Down, 10,636 to go:
"You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)" by The White Stripes. I'm sort of on a White Stripes kick right now, and this is the song that I listened to last week on the way home just before The Boy got me with his April Fool's Day joke, when he claimed that he'd been suspended at school for 3 days for "accidentally" swearing, and only said it was a joke when I was about 0.3 seconds away from grounding him for the rest of his life and his kids' lives.

So, it's a pretty good song, I mean, if you want to be in the kind of a mood where you'll hesitate just long enough to avoid making a total fool of yourself when pranked.

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