Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Very Special 3 Good Things!

It's my 10th Anniversary today -- the 10th Anniversary of the day I suckered Sweetie into actually going through with marrying me. As I said in the card I gave her today (and yes, I gave her more than a card -- the inventor of the Tuesday Present knows how to give proper gifts), "I don't know why you stick with me, but I'm glad you do."

To celebrate, bloggerwise, I'm going to take just a little time this morning to give you A Very Special 3 Good Things. Since I don't need 3 Good Things to keep me in a good mood today (it's my anniversary and I've got the day off, to boot), I'm giving you 3 Good (But In A Strange Sort of Way) Things About Being Married To Sweetie:

1. Sweetie knows surprising things, like how to cook bacon really good.

Sweetie is always watching crazy shows, and she went through a phase a while back where she really liked cooking shows. Sweetie isn't much, though, for gourmet food. (Neither of us are; we'll probably celebrate our anniversary with pizza. Update: Sweetie just told me it'll be KFC!) So I assumed that the shows were just for entertainment, until one day, Sweetie cooked bacon as part of the dinner and the bacon was actually crispy and really good. It was restaurant-style bacon, which I've never had outside of a restaurant.

It was then that I learned that Sweetie had gotten, from her cooking shows, all kinds of little tips, like how to cook bacon in an oven on a cookie sheet to get it crispy. So being married to Sweetie gets me restaurant-style bacon for life.

(Being married to me gets Sweetie "a variety of deep-fried things, including many things that probably were better off not being deep-fried.")

2. Sweetie's soft streak shows up in unexpected ways. Sweetie is, as everyone knows, an amazing softie who nonetheless says I have no backbone just because I cave in and let Mr Bunches take a second bath at 9:15 at night because he really wants to.

Sweetie's kindheartedness overflows and affects her at all times, like when she cried during a Futurama episode (the one with Fry's clover), or when she cried during a Cheerios commercial. (The one about adopting a baby.) But the worst/best ever was this:

We were watching Anaconda, or maybe Anaconda 2. I'm not sure. It doesn't matter. We were watching it, and there's a monkey in there, and [SPOILER ALERT?] the monkey got into some trouble, lost in a cave full of snakes or something, and Sweetie got very upset. When I asked her why she was so upset about a movie-monkey, she said "The monkey reminds me of Stormy!"

(Stormy [full name: Stormy Jet Risotto] is Sweetie's cat.)

(Update: Sweetie read this part and cried.)

3. Sweetie is HOT. That's not surprising. Not to me -- I knew Sweetie was beautiful when I met her, and when I married her, and each day when I wake up. And I get it reinforced by the number of guys who hit on her all the time, sometimes in front of me. (Hey, guys, show a little class, okay? At least wait 'til I drive off.)

But I wanted you to know. I'm spending my 10th anniversary with the most beautiful woman ever. (And she cooks bacon!)

129 down, 10,820 to go
: It's the song Sweetie and I danced to at our wedding: True Companion by Marc Cohn. All you other couples... this is OUR song. Back off.

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Petri Dish said...

"...the 10th Anniversary of the day I suckered Sweetie into actually going through with marrying me."
Ha, I'd like to see that one on a greeting card.
Be nice to Sweetie, remember she has tips on killing husbands on tape courtesy of Lifetime and a list of hunks and hot actresses.