Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Will Smith is like Sara Lee, only with more Scientology involved. (3 Good Things From 5/11/10)

I was this close to getting a chance to do some 'puting yesterday... and then I remembered about having a job and all. Even with as busy as I was, though, I still got 3 Good Things out of the day to keep me happy as I head into today, and today, they're all quotes:

1. "Awesome." That's what Mr Bunches said when we were getting ready to head out on errands, as Mr F noodled around with my guitar. Mr F was picking at the strings and horsing around, and I said "Play a chord," so he did. And Mr Bunches said "Awesome."

2. "Meow." That is what Mr Bunches said when I helped him get some milk before bed. We'd put him and Mr F to bed, but they hadn't gone to sleep yet. Mr Bunches had announced he wanted milk (by pounding on his door as hard as he could) and I'd brought him downstairs to get some, where we ran into our main cat, Scruffy. (Full name: Scruffy Jean MacDougal.)(Yes, she's Scottish.)

Mr Bunches tries to talk to Scruffy, who he's now good friends with. So as we walked by and she looked at us, he said "Meow."

3. "What is going on here?" That's from The Boy, whose main activity these days is sleeping; The Boy sleeps so much that Mr Bunches calls him "sleep."

The Boy was sleeping on the couch downstairs last night when I came down, after the Babies! were in bed, to Lost-ercise: jogging on a trampoline while watching an episode of Lost. I put in the DVD and began jogging/being mystified, and the dialogue woke up The Boy, who was crabby from being woken up, and also pretend-crabby from having constantly to pretend that everything I like is terrible and everything he likes is good; The Boy will not admit that something I (or Sweetie) likes is good, or will at best grudgingly do so. So when we loved The Watchmen, he went to see it but left halfway through (only to then watch it on DVD and say it was "okay.") He only began to like MGMT when I announced that I didn't like them anymore. And he absolutely will not watch Lost, even if it means, in this case, that he's got to get up and go to bed, which he did, after loudly proclaiming "What is going on here?"

Only a teenager can act as though using your own stuff in your own house is an affront to humanity.

128 down, 10,821 to go: I was talking with my boss last night about music we liked, and he said he didn't particularly care for, and I quote:

"That music, what's it called, where they talk over the other music... spoken word?"

I thought about that for a second and said "Do you mean rap?"

Yes, rap," he said. "I don't like that." That's a shocking statement, I know, coming from a rich, golf-loving 60-year-old lawyer; here I thought my boss was the key rap demographic. I told him, though, that there's some rap that's good and that I'd try to find some raps he'd like. Here's the first: Switch, by Will Smith. Who doesn't like Will Smith?

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