Monday, May 10, 2010

Every Saturday we have an adventure; some are moreso than others. (3 Good Things From The Weekend.)

I didn't come in over the weekend, making this my first 2-day weekend in a long time; instead, Mr Bunches, Mr F and I made Sweetie breakfast in bed. That might be one of Sweetie's 3 Good Things for today; here's mine, looking back over the whole weekend:

1. Mr Bunches made a friend! I took Mr F and Mr Bunches to the mall playground Saturday night; it was raining and cold and crummy out, so our Saturday adventure -- every Saturday, we go on an adventure -- was going to the mall.

While there, Mr Bunches finally made a friend to play chase with. For his whole entire life, Mr Bunches has gone to playgrounds and gatherings and tried to get other kids to play chase: they chase him, he chases them. He usually picks out older kids who don't play with him, but who he (heartbreakingly) thinks are playing with him, resulting in the sad sight of Mr Bunches running after bigger kids until he realizes they aren't playing.

This time was different: This time, Mr Bunches found a kid his own age, who also wanted to play chase, and for 40 glorious minutes, he and the other kid alternated chasing each other and tackling and wrestling each other and having a great time.

It just goes to show: dreams do come true.

2. I discovered "Cursing Mommy." Cursing Mommy is apparently an ongoing feature of The New Yorker. I'd never heard of it until yesterday, when The Boy took Sweetie to a movie for Mother's Day (A Nightmare On Elm Street, the best Mother's Day movie you could imagine) and the girls went shopping and Mr F and Mr Bunches actually napped, leaving me 2 hours of free time, which I spent lying on our living room couch, reading back issues of my New Yorker subscription.

Cursing Mommy -- specifically "Rx From The Cursing Mommy" is one of the funniest things I have ever read. Click that link to go read it.

3. Middle proved that Bret Michaels wears a wig. Middle looked at Sweetie's People Magazine and noted that Bret Michaels, in the little inset photo, doesn't have long hair.

I was very impressed with her powers of observation.

127 Down, 10,822 to go:
I was going to go with All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem, but then I used that as the song for the latest 5 pages on my "5 Pages" blog, and then I was going to go with Forbidden by The Violent Femmes, but (a) nobody's put that song on Youtube yet, and (b) I got distracted by The Violent Femmes on Sabrina The Teenage Witch:

Which taught me that lead singer Gordon Gano's name is pronounced Gain-o, not Gon-o like I'd always thought...

...yeah, I watched it, at work. So what?

So in the end I went with Hypnotize by The White Stripes.


meghan said...

#3 hmm... ya think? did the affliction hats and bandanas tip you off???

Briane P said...

I suspected it -- but I suppose I never wanted to actually ADMIT it. Sometimes the truth is a bitter (and balding) pill to swallow.