Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Actually, the whole day was good things but I have to narrow it down. (3 Good Things From 6/1/10)

I've gotten a little behind on these and I'm not sure when I last rounded up the good things, so here's 3 Good Things from yesterday to start afresh...

1. The review copy of Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy by Joe Sergi arrived. I'm very excited about getting to review an actual book that I was actually asked to review, and I plan to start reading it right away. Only... having to read it makes it like a chore, and I don't like to do chores... so. Um... I've got to think this through.

2. I got to listen to Mark Belling's show in Milwaukee. I lived in Milwaukee for only about 5 years, before going to law school, but some things stuck with me, and one of those was Mark Belling's late afternoon show. He's a conservative local talk radio host and I don't always agree with him, but he's not nuts like some, and he's funny and entertaining, and yesterday for my drive home I got to listen to his show for almost the entire trip from Burlington to Madison, hearing about the police dispatcher who was fired for posting on Facebook that she's addicted to drugs, and about the New Berlin mayor who called his constituents bigots. Madison needs a show like that in the afternoon -- Sly's okay in the morning but "The Wisconsin Guys" in the afternoon are stupid.

3. The library has "learning backpacks!" I took Mr F and Mr Bunches to the library again last night, as part of my workout & compromise: Mr F wanted to go for car ride, Mr Bunches wanted to go for a stroller-ride or walk, and I needed to go jogging. So Sweetie dropped us at the library where we read airplane books for a half-hour (Mr Bunches is into airplanes and helicopters right now), and then we walked to the park to play, and then I loaded them into the stroller and jogged home.

But at the library, I found they had pre-made backpacks full of books and DVDs and stuff to help teach kids things, so I checked out the "music" backpack and tonight I'm going to teach Mr F and Mr Bunches music during Learning Time.

135 Down, 10,868 to go: The newest song on my iPod -- well, newest if you don't count the Sex & The City 2 Soundtrack I downloaded for Sweetie as last night's Tuesday present -- is Clementine, by Sarah Jaffe:

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