Friday, June 04, 2010

In retrospect, Saturday's activities would have made for a better post. Sorry! (Saturday's Adventure, 3)

Better late than never: As the Babies! and I plan for "Cows On The Concourse" tomorrow, here's a look back at last Saturday's adventure, which was actually Sunday's adventure:

The Monona, WI "Dream Park."

About 30 minutes from us, on the other side of Madison-- everything in Madison is 30 minutes from everything else, because it's a terrible area to drive in -- is one of the first of those phenomenal, community-built, all-wood playgrounds that are all the rage nowadays, replacing the old, rusty-metal deathtrap playgrounds I grew up on. Last Sunday Sweetie and took Mr F and Mr Bunches there -- moving Saturday's Adventure to Sunday because of the Memorial Day weekend.

Hey, if mail can be delayed by holidays, so can adventures.

We had to split up because Mr F and Mr Bunches both went their separate ways. Mr Bunches preferred the more adventurous play. He liked climbing up the chains...

And walking down the staircase made of old tires -- each with a dangerous hole in the middle that he carefully avoided -- but Sweetie was still worried:

He even made a friend -- everywhere he goes, Mr Bunches makes a friend, these days. He and this other kid followed each other around, climbed over fences together, and played "Run Across The Rickety Bridge Really Fast," while laughing:

Mr F, on the other hand, spent a more sedate time at the park. Here's Sweetie sitting outside the little enclosure; Mr F is inside the fort to her right, just sitting quietly.

Not being a fan of heights, or of slides, Mr F only cautiously, and with lots of hesitation, let me carry him up to the lowest level of slide on the castle -- and then would only go down the first time sitting on my lap. But he liked it so much that he later led me back up to it, and was almost going to go down alone before he decided things were a lot safer on Daddy's lap, probably because I barely fit between the rails and that slowed us down a lot:

Mr F enjoyed finding the little musical-bell area that is in the playground for some reason. At least three of the playgrounds that I know of have some sort of musical bell area. A fourth has a giant Tic-Tac-Toe game.

Mr F was not as impressed by the smaller slide over towards the baby area -- but probably because the slide, even with its neutral-green color, was about 150 degrees.

We didn't stay very long, actually: the humidity was 9 billion percent, and the Babies! seemed a little tired from the day before, when we'd gone for a nature walk, taken them jogging, gone to the Splash Park and the regular park, and then taken them for a drive that night.

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