Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Leftover pizza" is officially retired as a good thing. (3 Good Things From 6/2/10)

I've permanently retired "leftover pizza" from the 3 Good Things -- so I'll just mention that Sweetie ordered pizza last night and I got to commence a new round of 24 Hours Of Pizza. But here's the other 3 Good Things from yesterday that help me get through today:

1. The t-shirt I'm sending to Patrick Rothfuss arrived. As you probably already know, my "Take A Book" promotion continues in modified form. The next step I announced was to mail a copy of Eclipse to author Patrick Rothfuss in hopes he'll sign & return it to me, and continue the trend of having important, famous people sign that book until someone buys it and the proceeds go to charity.

(More on that whole thing at that last link, or here.)

Patrick Rothfuss requires a gift to sign one of his books, so I'm sending him the "Righteous Indignation," t-shirt and hoping that'll do it.

2. "Can't help you till the zombies commit a crime, miss." The latest Lulu Eightball is more hilarious than usual, and I read it yesterday:
Read more of Emily Flake's stuff here, 'cause if you go read it, she won't get mad at me for reposting it (fingers crossed!)(knock on wood!) and she'll keep making those strips.

3. Early bath!
I ordinarily give the Babies! their bath around 8 or 8:30. But yesterday I went up to change clothes before dinner -- not because I'm like Mr Rogers but because the pizza hadn't gotten here yet -- and Mr Bunches followed me up. He thought we were going to take a bath, which I figured out as soon as we got to the bathroom, where he darted in and immediately stripped.

Rather than disappoint him, I simply gave him and Mr F their bath at 5:30 instead of later -- so they were clean while they ran around during dinner.

136 Down, 10,867 to go
: The Polyphonic Spree is more than just a weird cult group that secretly has Obama's backing to force us all to undergo mandatory cholesterol checks. They also make great music that among other things helped me quit smoking. Today's song is Light & Day. It'll get you going:

But I wish we didn't have to live with those freaky substituted-mouth things that people keep doing. Those creep me out.

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