Saturday, June 26, 2010

I will make an exception if your shirt is named "Monroe." (This Is Why I Hate People)

Entertainment Weekly, a magazine I love except when I hate it, has, every week, a section on where to find stuff that the stars wore in movies and TV shows. It's a feature that irritates me almost every week -- but some weeks more than others. Like this week, when the "Mark" wrote in, "I want the blue shirt Mr. Schuester wore at the end of the Glee finale!"

(Apparently, Mark really did use the exclamation point, as it's in the same purple font as the rest of his query.)

That's not the part that irritates me, really. I suppose it's okay for people to want to wear clothes they thought looked cool on the people they saw on TV.

What gets me is the answer: EW writes back "Mr Schu... led a heartfelt rendition of "Over the Rainbow" in Vince's striped cotton-linen "Utility" shirt ($168....)"

Since when do shirts have names, and, more importantly, who the heck is paying $168 for a blue shirt?

Shirts cost $20. Maybe $30 for a really nice one. That's it. Nobody ought to be paying more for that, and if you're buying a named shirt, I really hate you.

But this song is neat, even if nobody really needed another version of it. You can probably see Mark's dream-shirt in this video. I don't know; I didn't watch the video. I NEVER watch videos. Except that one of the guy dancing to the Murder Mystery song "Love Astronaut." And that one of the guy in the space helmet set to "The Bleeding Heart Show" by The New Pornographers.

I've got a thing for astronaut videos, is what I'm saying.

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