Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playing with Gentle Glass Things (Friday's Sunday's Poem/Hot Actress 53)

Gee, You’re So Beautiful That It’s Starting to Rain
Richard Brautigan

Oh, Marcia,
I want your long blonde beauty
to be taught in high school,
so kids will learn that God
lives like music in the skin
and sounds like a sunshine harpsichord.
I want high school report cards
to look like this:

Playing with Gentle Glass Things

Computer Magic

Writing Letters to Those You Love

Finding out about Fish

Marcia’s Long Blonde Beauty
About the Poem: I keep meaning to stick to my guns and only put poems that rhyme in here, so that I can make some sort of point about how poems ought to rhyme. But then I read a poem like this and think, "Boy, I like that poem." There's usually one line I really like about a poem, a line that makes it stand out and get picked. This one is no different: the line is Finding Out About Fish. That should be a subject in school.

About the Actress: Just as nonrhyming poetry continues to expand the notion of what poetry is, and just as things like potatoes continue to expand the idea of what a pizza is, so, too, does Sweetie expand the notion of what a "hot actress over 30" is, by nominating, this week, non-actress, non-over-30-year-old "Ricki Lee," singer of the song Can't Touch It from the movie (?) Sex & The City 2: The Re-Citying.

(I think Sweetie feels compelled to pick a hot actress for the FSP because she gave up picking Hunks of the Week. Sort of. She doesn't pick them for my blog anymore, but she does still download pictures of guys like Landon Donovan onto our computer desktop.)

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Petri Dish said...

Wasn't this a Sunday poem? I always liked the name.