Friday, June 25, 2010

The NEW Friday's Sunday's Poem:

Petri Dish pointed out in a comment that today's Friday's Sunday's Poem was actually a Sunday's poem before -- it was number 27. I thought maybe it had been, but when I did a search through the blog for "Gee, You're Beautiful" I got nothing. So I am not the problem. The problem is... World Cup officiating? Sounds good to me.

Here's a replacement FSP, with all new pics of the Hot Actress:

Summer in a Small Town
Linda Gregg

When the men leave me,
they leave me in a beautiful place.
It is always late summer.
When I think of them now,
I think of the place.
And being happy alone afterwards.
This time it’s Clinton, New York.
I swim in the public pool
at six when the other people
have gone home.
The sky is grey, the air hot.
I walk back across the mown lawn
loving the smell and the houses
so completely it leaves my heart empty.

You know what's interesting -- back at poem number 27, when I first posted that Gee, You're Beautiful poem, I liked the same line. I'm nothing if not consistent.

You know what else is interesting? Petri Dish is demanding more hunks. So Sweetie might be back into a job. We'll see...

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