Sunday, August 01, 2010

Double Spoilers, today only! (Hunk of the MOMENT, 1)

The Hunk of the Week is back, sort of, in a new, abbreviated, more spontaneous version. Here's the latest Hunk of the Moment!

Hunk of the Moment: Alan Dale.

How You Might Know Him: He's that always-somewhat-evil guy -- a gangster for Demetri Martin's show, and a judge who kills a guy on Law & Order: SVU/CSI/AFL-CIO, and he was "Charles Widmore" on Lost, which is how I know him.

How I Found Out Sweetie Liked Him: While taking a drive on the way home from the park today, I mentioned that I was excited to continue catching up on Lost -- I'm up to Season 5, episode 3 -- and that the show was getting even more intriguiging, what with [SPOILER ALERT! EVEN THOUGH YOU PROBABLY ALREADY WATCHED IT, UNLESS MAYBE YOU'RE TRAVELING IN TIME LIKE SOME PEOPLE SOMETIMES DO ON SOME TV SHOWS WHICH BRINGS ME TO A POINT HERE, THAT WHEN Daniel TOLD DESMOND, IN THE PAST, TO CONTACT HIM, DESMOND SHOULDN'T HAVE JUST REMEMBERED THAT WHEN HE WOKE UP ON THE BOAT LATER, BUT SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED IT FROM THAT MOMENT ON AND SHOULD HAVE CONTACTED DANIEL'S MOM RIGHT AWAY AFTER ... YOU KNOW [[DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT!!]] GETTING OFF THE ISLAND TWICE] and anyway, I said "Widmore's an Other!" and Sweetie said that she thought Alan Dale "was kind of sexy."

Also, I should point out that it's very tough to google "Who's the actor who plays Charles Widmore" and not get a billion spoilers. Don't you people have something better to do, like posting about how The Bachelorette broke the rules?

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