Friday, August 20, 2010

Like understatement's now a crime. (Friday's Sunday's Poem/Hot Actress 60)

Russian Girl on Pařížská
by Justin Quinn

At twenty, you hold this street’s attention

better than the Bolshoi could—

the boots, the perfume, not to mention

the bling and ermine on your hood.

The way you walk is slash and burn.

Like understatement’s now a crime.

You leave a wake of men who turn

to make sure they were right first time.

They’re like small countries who betray

their old allegiances awhile.

Bound over as your vassals, they

blame others when they go on trial.

You yawn, head for a brasserie—

all gold and mirrors, lit like Christmas—

and join the two men drinking tea,

dressed in black suits, who mean business.

Originally appeared in The New Yorker.

About the poem: I liked that it rhymed.

About the Hot Actress: I just finished Lost season 5 and am waiting for Lost Season 6 from Netflix. Alice Evans was a big part of the end of Season 5, so I chose her.

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