Monday, August 16, 2010

You ARE free to attempt using cars to fight other American wars, though. Like the War of 1812. That NEEDS some cars. (This Is Why I Hate People.)

I sometimes think I could spend a significant amount of time hating people because either (a) they think we'll attempt things that we clearly wouldn't, or (b) people would actually attempt those things.

Probably both (a) and (b) are true, which leads to ridiculous moments in life like the one that happens at 0:41 into this commercial:

Did you see the fine print? Do Not Attempt. In case you need clarification, and apparently people in our society do, the full version of that warning would be:

In the event that you start a revolutionary war against the then-dominant world power, do not attempt to anachronistically run the invading armies off your shores using internal combustion-engine powered vehicles.

I imagine, at some point, we'll take all the people who might attempt the things they're warned not to, and simply engrave, on their retina, the warning Do Not Attempt so that everything they look at will bear that warning, and the rest of us can be spared watching commercials and wondering "How WOULD one attempt that?"

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RRyan said...

Great Post! Hysterical!