Saturday, August 21, 2010

Of Cheeseburgers, Dehumidifiers, and Yoga Mats: A soliloquy.

There are some things in life that we all end up needing -- but when you need them, you have no idea where to get them. Things like "Yoga mats," which Sweetie needed this week. She had to go get one because she's taking a yoga class, but I have no idea where to get a yoga mat. And she didn't like my suggestion, which was "just get a really thick beach towel."

And then there are things like "dehumidifiers." It's been a hot, humid summer and we have a partially-sunk lower level, which means it gets pretty humid down there. I decided that we should get a dehumidifier to make it more comfortable, and, having decided that, I immediately wondered "Where does one get a dehumidifier and how can I tell which ones are good or not?"

As usual, I turned to the Internet to answer that question -- and luckily for me, there was an actual site that gave me the top rated dehumidifier around and also information and ratings of OTHER dehumidifiers. The site is the cleverly-named "Top Rated Dehumidifiers" and it does what it sets out to do: Gives me listings and information and ratings on dehumidifiers and specifications about them and it even sorts them by categories: brand or size, for example, and there are links to go buy the product right away from the store it sells at.

See, now, if there had been a site called "Top Rated Yoga Mats," I might have saved myself a trip around town. But, then, if that had been the case I'd never have had an excuse to buy the boys some hash browns at McDonald's and get myself a cheeseburger on the way, so it's not like the morning was a TOTAL loss.

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