Friday, January 28, 2011

It just didn't seem like that sandwich would need to be refrigerated.

If there's one thing to learn in life, it's this: Do NOT eat a sandwich you found in your backpack after a few days.

But if there's TWO things to learn in life, it's that thing about the sandwiches, and also that moving needs to be done right. Everytime helped someone moves, it seems, they do it wrong. They move using Dad's old truck and a bunch of garbage bags marked with Post-It notes. Or they ask everyone to load stuff into their car, tying a sofa on top of a Ford Festiva. Or... you get the picture.

Moving can be done right with abf upack - -and doing it right makes it easier. They'll move you almost anywhere in the US in anywhere from 2-5 days, and they'll make it simple for you.

ABF has two options available: trailers or ReloCubes. Either way, the process is about the same: Call ABF and they'll drop off a trailer or ReloCube at your location. You take up to 3 days loading it, and then ABF will come pick it up and drive it to where it needs to go, and you get up to 3 days to unload it.

Simple and easy. You don't have to maneuver a semi around your neighborhood, or do it all in one day. And the ReloCubes can even be stored for a while, in case there's a lag time between moving out of the one place and into the other.

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