Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Score: Illinois 120, Wisconsin -5. (Publicus Proventus)

I was going to do a post about how Illinois politicians are laughing at Governor Patsy's invitation to leave Illinois and come to Wisconsin, where, despite being "Open For Business" our taxes are still higher than the Land of Lincoln's:

And I was going to throw in something about Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch spending her day telemarketing:

but then those ideas got superceded by the fact that Governor Patsy's cheerleading is actually helping businesses leave the state:

Jim Rozell owns a hotel analytics company and plans to relocate from Glendale, Wisc., to Chicago by the end of the year. Hotel Compete currently has five employees, but Rozell said he will likely hire 10 more people once he comes to Illinois. Rozell said he started planning the move before taxes went up Illinois, but hearing about it didn’t deter him. “Initially one of my big deciding factors was that taxes were much lower (in Illinois). Even with your tax increase, it’s still lower than Wisconsin,” Rozell said.


In fact, since raising their taxes not that long ago, at least two other businesses have announced they're relocating to Illinois -- bringing 110 jobs to that state.

They're moving not just because the taxes are lower in Illinois than in Wisconsin, but also because more goes into deciding where to locate a business than simply "lowest tax rates." Infrastructure, educated workers, access to shipping, quality of life, and more all play into it -- so acting as though increasing the deficit by cutting taxes for your business buddies will "create jobs" is superficial at best, and lying at worst.

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Akie A. said...

Now that is what a 66% increase in taxes would do for your state budget!