Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jobs' Jet, Kobe's Copter (This Is Why I Hate People)

I try to have a positive attitude and look on the bright side (within reason), so when I first read that Steve Jobs only got paid $1 last year, I thought to myself "Hey, that's reasonable because even though he's worth $1.84 million, making it irrelevant if he gets paid any more, he's at least doing what I suggested people do, which is to stop making money yourself once you've got more than you could ever need."

Which is a topic for a different day, because Steve Jobs doesn't not get paid, not exactly: While he (and the media) were trumpeting that Jobs was only paid $1 last year, what went with little or no mention was that Apple reimbursed Jobs for $248,000 in expenses -- the "expenses" being Jobs flying his $90 million personal jet around.

Why can't Steve Jobs fly commercial? I get why Obama can't. But what is it about Steve Jobs that makes it impossible for him to sit in a first-class lounge or brush elbows with some people at an airport? Why does he need to own a jet worth $90 million that costs a minimum of $248,000 to fly around?

People are dying because we think we don't have money to pay for organ transplants but Steve Jobs gets reimbursed $248,000 so that he doesn't have to check his bags? That's $100,000 more than the average cost of a heart transplant -- so Steve Jobs flying commercial could save two people's lives per year, if Apple simply gave the money to organ donor programs.

Jobs isn't alone among the wasteful people: Kobe Bryant flies to work in a helicopter most days, saying that with his body being his employment he can't possibly risk sitting in traffic for two hours.

There's no explanation given as to why Kobe can't live closer to the Coliseum during the season, of course -- just as the stories that say how cool it is that Kobe can fly to work in a helicopter don't mention the expense of doing so and don't mention that that Kobe is frequently seen driving around in the Range Rover he owns -- unless he's seen driving around his Ferrari, which he also owns, or unless he's seen driving the Bentley Continental GT coupe, Azure Mulliner convertible, Cadillac Escalade, or 1963 Chevrolet Impala he also owns.

Kobe Bryant's body can't bear to be squeezed into a car for two hours? Then how come he owns and frequently drives six cars?

Because he's a hypocritical liar, that's why. Yet another reason to hate Kobe Bryant.

People who fly privately are among the most wasteful people I can imagine, and I'm sickened that people look up to them in any way.


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Rogue Mutt said...

That's what always bugs me when the news runs stories like, "Brad Pitt gave $1 million to help people in Haiti! What a nice guy!" A million to him is what, a penny to me? These celebs and companies say they want to help the world, but they couldn't possibly give up the 43-bedroom mansion they use 2 months of the year to buy a $200,000 house like normal people. A mansion that of course takes up acres of former forest/farmland, sucks up the water table, and spews all sorts of CO2. But it's OK because I paid to have some trees planted somewhere!

The sheer hypocrisy of this stuff is staggering. Kind of like the hypocrisy that Jobs and Apple used to berate Microsoft as the Evil Empire, but now they price all their "cool" electronics like they're Rolls Royces. Maybe a Mac is better than a PC and an iPod better than my Creative MP3 player, but I'm not paying an arm and a leg to find out.