Monday, January 10, 2011

GOP postpones health care repeal vote to give supporters more time to reload. (Publicus Proventus.)

Nicely done, GOP; you've turned your ragtag bunch of misfits into a well-oiled racist killing army led by a "candidate" who can barely read but who has the unique ability to get away with inciting murder while still remaining a popular speaking draw.

I'm talking, of course, about the shooting rampage that killed six people and injured 20 people -- a shooting pulled off by a man whose "conservative" leanings included backing reverting currency to the gold standard, as Ron and Rand Paul (among other Tea Party wingnuts) do, and who bought his gun legally because Tea Partiers are all about letting any fringe lunatic carry a gun anywhere they wanted and encouraged people to go armed to health care reform debates.

As if that's not enough direct responsibility for the murders of six people -- has anyone tried to indict Boehner on this yet?-- remember that Giffords was one of the Democrats who was literally put in a gunsight by the moronic -- and that's giving her credit -- Sarah Palin.

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic is quoted as telling people that

"No one is saying Sarah Palin should be viewed as an accomplice to murder. Many are merely saying that her recklessly violent and inflammatory rhetoric has poisoned the discourse and has long run the risk of empowering the deranged. We are saying it's about time someone took responsibility for this kind of rhetorical extremism, because it can and has led to violence and murder."
But I'M saying that. I'm saying that Sarah Palin is an accomplice to murder. As are the other members of the GOP who continuously incite people to violence and use rhetoric intended to make individuals targets of violence.

They hoped for this. They planned for this. They deliberately encouraged people to carry guns and used gunsights aimed at the people who opposed their plans as political speech. It couldn't have been any more obvious if Sarah Palin had, in her garbled idiotic speech, called for the murderfication of elected Democrats.

I don't expect the Obama administration to try to bring prosecutions; they're too busy conceding. But we've crossed a line here. There have always been political extremists and insane people, and sometimes those have been combined into the same people.

But what's never happened before is that we've never had elected officials, or would-be elected officials, deliberately encouraging acts of violence against their opponents. Welcome to Iran, everyone. I look forward to John Boehner handing out souvenir "health care reform bullets" on the floor of the House. And to taking a bullet to the head the next time I vote Democrat.

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