Friday, January 07, 2011

Picasso had his guitars, I have my Chairs. (Life With Unicorns)

This is an older picture, but I didn't want to miss out on posting the fourth in what's actually become an ongoing series, one I couldn't have foreseen: Chair Pioneers.

This one is Mr F at the St. Vincent's "Dig and Save" outlet, where we went one day to look for a couple of used kitchen chairs to replace the ones that had been broken at our house. The Babies! are hard on chairs, especially Mr F, who likes to rock on them and who will toss them down when he gets mad -- a move that sometimes prompts Mr Bunches to mimic him and then look at us and say "oh, no," until we assure him that it's okay.

As Mr Bunches and I shopped around for chairs, Mr F made himself at home on this stack of two mismatched chairs. When I got him off and put the top chair right-side up -- I thought it wasn't that safe for him to sit this way -- he put it back this way and climbed on again. So I let him stay. That's called parenting.

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