Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The picture is of the time The Boy locked himself in handcuffs. (Question of the Day, 75)

Is it okay to put mayonnaise on toast?

The Boy, in the midst of what will hopefully be just one semester off from college, is staying with Oldest in her apartment, because we don't let people live at home if they're above 18 and not in school.

Sunday, Oldest mentioned to me that The Boy had cooked breakfast -- the only thing he can cook, outside of frozen pizzas, and he always burns the eggs -- and that because they had no butter, he'd put mayo on his toast. We both agreed that was gross-sounding and that we wouldn't do it -- but then she mentioned that The Boy had then finished up by putting an egg and some bacon on toast, making me wonder first, how can you have bacon in the house but not butter? and, second, why does it seem gross to put mayo on toast... but only if you're not going to put it into a sandwich?

Because I put mayo on toast when we make BLTs, and I like that -- but the idea of just a piece of toast with mayo on it sounds disgusting to me. So the act of turning that toast into a part of a sandwich somehow transforms it in my mind.

Then, I mentioned that to Oldest, and said that I still wouldn't just have mayo on toast. "I like pickles, and peanut butter," I said, "But I'm not going to combine them."

To which she said "Oh, pickle and peanut butter sandwiches are great."

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1 comment:

Rogue Mutt said...

Pickles and peanut butter? That sounds like something a pregnant woman would eat. But I've scrounged together stranger things. And applesauce has a million uses.