Monday, February 21, 2011

Most of the time, I don't bother taking a picture of the restrooms (I Get Paid For Doing This)

But today was a different kind of day. On my way home from a hearing in Vernon County today, driving over icy roads there and back -- and having slower drivers make me 15 minutes late for the hearing in the first place, so that I was frustrated and agitated on the way there, a feeling that carried on my way back...

... I stopped at a gas station in Viola, Wisconsin, a town I only ended up in because I took a wrong turn leaving Viroqua and had to rely on my GPS to get me back home (and by mentioning "GPS" I now think I can write off my new smart phone on my taxes. That's how it works, right?)

Anyway, I stopped for gas and went in and paid and then used the restroom, and then, after finishing up, went out to my car and back in again, this time carrying my camera phone -- to the apparent consternation of the old woman running the cash register, as she watched me go back into the bathroom to take two pictures.

This is the first one:

And it's not immediately obvious, is it, why I went back in -- so I took a closer-up one of the graffiti on the wall that made me smile, both because it was funny and because I didn't expect to see it in on a gas station wall in a tiny town:

It says "Be right back.-- Godot."

I had to explain to the lady at the cash register, and the guy there, why I'd come back in and took a picture of their bathroom, and they both gave me blank stares when I explained it -- and I didn't hang around to give them more background, because, well, I didn't think they'd want to spend a lot of time talking to a guy who just took a picture of their bathroom and then said he's going to post it to their blog.

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