Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Greatest Thing In The World, EVER! (2)

I wanted to see it live on Friday night but there's no way I can stay up until 11:30 after a hard day of leaving work early, so I'm glad I got it on DVR and even gladder there's an Internet to preserve these things forever at my fingertips. It's Stephen Colbert's cover of Friday:

It just makes me smile, and I very much want to download that song.

Also, don't you think he should duet with Rebecca Black on that version? I think he owes it to her.

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1 comment:

Atlanta Roofing said...

It had potential until the incredibly unfunny Fallon joined in. Then I lost interest. Fallon could never dream of being as witty or interesting as Colbert. More like, a potentially great late night moment delivered by Colbert, but then brought down a notch.