Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Mr. Prosser's neighborhood in Waukesha County pulled a fast one last night." -- WTDY Newscaster (Publicus Proventus)

David Prosser, if he wants to be a Supreme Court Justice, must insist on full disclosure of public and private records... or his victory -- and I'm assuming it will be -- will be hollow and will further undermine confidence in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, and that confidence is already at an all-time low.

Updated information on the "additional" votes that GOP county clerks are "finding" after Tuesday's election:

GOP "alternate" and Winnebago County Clerk Sue Ertmer explained the extra 244 votes for Prosser-- a number that originally would have had him winning by 40 before Waukesha "found" it's votes -- explained that she, like the Waukesha clerk, "found" the votes:

Clerk Sue Ertmer said Winnebago County is still working on its canvass, but she has discovered several voting machines that didn't report numbers initially. That resulted in a net gain of 244 votes for Justice David Prosser.

Ertmer said four voting machines in the program indicated they had already turned in results. But it was discovered yesterday morning they had not been reported. That resulted in the county website showing Election Night that 100 percent of the vote was in.

(Source.) That paled in comparison to Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, who ran for that post around the time she was being granted immunity into the criminal investigation involving the Republican Caucus: Nickolaus said that she failed to properly "save" the data in a program called "Access."

The Daily Kos at that same post has a poster who says that with 15 years' experience in that program, he can't imagine Nickolaus' explanation being accurate.

(Nickolaus also blamed typos.)

Meanwhile, the updated canvasses continue to show that in most counties, Prosser lost votes in the official canvas; in Winnebago and Waukesha -- both clerked by GOP operatives -- he gained substantially. In 7 counties, Kloppenburg gained. Prosser's only non-Waukesha/Winnebago gain was in Douglas County... where he got 1 extra vote.

Those "missing" Waukesha votes came -- supposedly-- from Brookfield. But this site says that Brookfield results were reported in the media on Tuesday night (although the link the site provides is dated April 6, not April 5, so it's not clear when they were reported at all.)

What has to happen is this does have to be treated like a full-scale investigation -- and the Walker administration has set the stage for broadening out public records requests by requesting emails from UW professors.

So I'm saying the Democrats, and Kloppenburg, need to immediately file public records requests for all personal and public emails, and incoming and outgoing phone calls (on public and private phones) received by any Waukesha County election worker (or their relatives) from any person who works in any government agency or for any political or judicial campaign -- and then lay public records requests all over the Walker administration for the same, as well as requesting all that from Possibly Justice Again Prosser's staff and campaign -- both to and from Waukesha election officials and their relatives and to and from government workers and Walker campaign staffers.

More importantly, I think Prosser's campaign should insist that those things be released. Prosser called on Kloppenburg to denounce an ad he felt was unfair; he should now live by his own purported ethics, and demand that all those communications be released to prove that he won this election fairly.

If he did.

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