Friday, April 08, 2011

Update: David Prosser should demand that voter registrations lists be released and contacted. (Publicus Proventus)

Down below, I noted that it was incumbent (pun intended) on Maybe-Justice-Again David Prosser to demand that public and private phone records and emails be released, immediately, to prove that there was no tampering with vote totals -- documenting the communications (or lack thereof) between his campaign, the Walker administration, the Walker campaign, and Waukesha officials.

Certainly, the press can and should do that, but Prosser must: if he believes that his election was genuine, and he wants the Supreme Court of Wisconsin to have the confidence of the people of Wisconsin, he has to bend over backwards to show that there was no fraud in this election.

Another step Prosser must, and the press should, take is this: Request the list of voters who checked in to vote, and then contact those people to find out if they did in fact vote.

Simply recounting won't solve the problem: while it would be difficult to fake 15,000 ballots, it would not be impossible over the course of a night for one or a few people to do so. So counting the ballots (which likely exist) will not prove the election was (or was not) a sham.

But in Wisconsin, all voters are required to provide a name and address at the time they go vote, and the election officials enter that on a prepared list. Which means that to fake 15,000 votes, the officials either created 15,000 ballots without checking off 15,000 names (in which case there will be a major discrepancy between the number of voters listed on the rolls and the number of ballots cast) or the officials had to check off 15,000 names.

Assuming, then, that the officials checked off 15,000 names of voters while creating 15,000 ballots (I'm not saying they did; I'm just arguing hypothetically), then demanding the voter check-in list will allow reporters (or Kloppenburg workers, or someone) to contact those people and say, simply "Did you vote? The records show you voted. Did you vote?"

Find enough people who say (and can prove) that they didn't vote but someone checked their name, and you've shown a stolen election.

Simple. Time-consuming, but simple, and it should be done, immediately -- and it should be done by David Prosser and his workers, who have every reason to want to prove that his election was not a sham.

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