Friday, September 09, 2011

a pale moon path just for me (Friday's Sunday's Poem/Hot Actress)


About the poem: So I went looking for a poem about space because I'm going to start a new project today that came about in a superweird way; it's called IO9 and you can find it here. And I was looking for one that would convey some beauty and majesty of space, but then I came across this one, and it was printed exactly like that on the screen and I kept the way it was formatted, and I loved it -- both the way the poem makes the path and the image of the pale moon path on the lawn, so I went with it because sometimes you just got to follow your gut, you know?

About the Actress:  So as not to mess up the formatting of the poem, I put her down here.  It's Adele, and Sweetie suggested that I put her on here this week, which is (technically speaking) breaking every rule of the Hot Actress (in that Adele is neither an actress nor about 30), but what Sweetie wants, Sweetie gets, and Sweetie is a huge Adele fan.  So there she is.

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