Monday, November 28, 2011

Two new reviews show why you should be reading my book, "Eclipse."

Okay, I'm not shy about promoting my books, but I usually don't devote a whole blog post to them. On the other hand, as Expert Critic Michael Offutt noted, I am reaching "internet saturation," which apparently doesn't refer to the fact that I spend 23 hours a day on the Internet.

Anyway, my book, "Eclipse" is the kind of mind-bending sci-fi story that Ray Bradbury would have written if he hadn't written all those other things he wrote. It's about Claudius, who may or may not have been the first man to reach the stars, and how he may or may not have committed murder once he did or did not get there. It begins with Claudius drifting helplessly through space, thinking back on how he arrived at that moment in his life.

People like this book. People love this book. The two newest reviews are out, and here's what they have to say:

From Author Clarissa Draper:

Wow, just wow. This short sci-fi/ horror is so different than I have ever read before. You never know what's real or what's not but you just don't care. The writing is terrific and you will think about the story long after you finish. It's one you could read over and over.
And from Author Rusty Webb

...I loved every moment of not knowing.... what it reveals is compelling, disturbing, and often contradictory. I've thought about this a lot after reading it.

...I've never finished a story that I found this disconcerting and still felt like it was this satisfying in the end. If you read, then you'll be sure to enjoy. Highly recommended, but put on your thinking caps.

You can buy Eclipse on your Kindle or ereader for just ninety-nine cents -- reading is a right, not a privilege, and I keep my books affordable -- or you can get the hard copy for just $8.95 on Amazon.

Thanks, Rusty and Clarissa -- and Michael and BJ Fraser, who previously gave the book good reviews -- and if you do read Eclipse, be sure and let me know.

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Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

Congratulations. But you're really smart and the book is quite cerebral. I can't say I'm not surprised.