Sunday, November 27, 2011

I get it: Cars break down. And when they do, you PUSH THEM THE #$*##&%$ OUT OF TRAFFIC. (This Is Why I Hate People)

From my morning commute not long ago. At this point in the road, there are three lanes of traffic. I was in the left lane, and didn't have a chance to get over before my lane stopped.

Over the course of ten minutes, I tried, using my blinker, to get into the right lane, as my lane remained mostly stopped and I had finally concluded that it wasn't simply traffic lights or people turning left.

Instead, as I got closer, I saw that there was a cab sitting off to the left, in rush hour traffic, apparently broken down.

It took me a full 15 minutes more before all the cars between me and the cab had been let into the center lane by jerk drivers who, seeing a blinker, decide that they're in no way going to be impeded, even by as little as two seconds in their own commute, and a full 15 minutes before the cab finally edged itself up onto the curb to get itself mostly out of traffic.

It's a double-whammy people hating: the cab driver for not just getting the thing out of rush hour, and the people who couldn't let in the line of cars that included me.

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Andrew Leon said...

Wizard's First Rule -- People are stupid.