Saturday, December 03, 2011

Why I do not think that Mr. F should cut his hair…. (What the H?)

It's a special bonus What the H? as Middle Daughter protests our plans to get Mr F's hair cut this week.


If this dog had a choice, do you think that it would want to look like this?

My point with this photo is that this breed of dog is extremely adorable and my little brother Mr. F is an adorable little boy.

(I am sure that all of you have seen a picture of two of him on the other parts of the blog)

If I was as cute as Mr. F I would not want to change a thing about the way that I look.

(Do you know how many people in the world were upset when Mr. Bieber decided to cut a little off of his head?”)

I do not think that Mr. F should get his hair cut because I think that he looks so adorable with his hair long. Yes, people may think that he looks like he’s homeless or that his parents do not care that he looks like he has a mop on his head but from the way that I see things not cutting his hair shows to me that as parents you care how he looks because he hasn’t looked more handsome.
Not saying that cutting his hair would make him not a cutie batutie; I just think that Mr. F with long hair represents Mr. F and he wouldn’t be him without his hair.

Just as Justin Bieber!


PS: He "looks like he's homeless or that his parents do not care?" You convinced me. That's exactly the parenting style I aspire to. "Hey, I raised my kid to demonstrate to the world how little I care. Also, that he has no place in society." That is what being a dad is all about.


Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

Oh his hair will grow back.

Middle said...

I understand that it will grow back but he looks so adorable...and I just think that having his hair long shows off his personality and having his hair short would be pretending to be something that he's not, like clean cut and if you knew Mr. F you would agree with me that he's not clean cut at all (and I mean that in the best and nicest way possible :D)