Monday, January 09, 2012

I'm not going to call her that. (What the H?)

When Middle first told me the title of her post, I had to ask her who the reference was.

You can just call me Stanley Yelnats!

So for those of you who are unaware of who this “Stanley Yelnats” character is then I will take a brief moment to enlighten you: Stanley Yelnats is the main character in the book Holes by Louis Sachar. In the book Stanley claims that his life changed when he stumbled upon a pair of shoes. These “shoes” that changed his life fell from the sky and he was accused of stealing them, so he was sent to a juvenile facility in the middle of nowhere where their punishment is to dig holes demanded by the warden of the facility. There Stanley meets new friends and other people that have become his family. (If you want to know more I recommend reading the book.)

Anywho, I also have found a pair of shoes that have changed my life as well as given me the confidence to get on a treadmill again.

I will first start by telling you why I have not gone on a treadmill in years.

I was fifteen years old when my mother and I decided to go and work out at the athletic club. I thought I would run a little maybe do a little power walking but ten minutes into my light jog I became the most embarrassed girl in the world. I am not a huge fan of running because I am not the most in shape person and running makes me look like a giraffe doing ballet. So, I am doing a little jog and I thought to myself that the time may go by a little faster if I ran with my eyes closed.

(Yep I attempted to run on a treadmill with my eyes closed because I am the world’s dumbest person.)

I closed my eyes and started running. I thought that everything was going peachy and fine until my headphones were ripped out of the headphone plug so I couldn’t hear the television program that I was listening to anymore. I opened my eyes and I saw that I was falling off the back of the treadmill.

I attempted to catch myself, which made things worse because then people had the vision of me crawling like an animal trying to get back onto the treadmill. I finally got back on the treadmill and I looked at my mother who was laughing hysterically.

(Yeah, nice, thanks for the warning, Mother!)

Since then, until now, I have not got onto a treadmill for any reason because I have not been able to get past that moment.

Then, about three weeks ago I went online with the purpose of purchasing a new pair of work out shoes. Not just any pair of athletic shoes but one pair in mind:

And I do not care what anyone thinks of them because like Stanley Yelnats these shoes have changed my life.

Although, mine look a little different than that pair. Mine look like this:

Because of these new shoes that are the most comfortable running shoes that I have ever owned (just like I thought they would be, which was why I specifically looked for them) I have been working out three of four times a week. And not just working out; I have been running on the treadmill three or four times a week for thirty minutes. Yes, I am finally back on the treadmill and I have been running.

I would recommend these shoes to anyone looking to get back into working out and keeping in shape. They are like wearing your own feet. Light as feather.

One more look for good measure…

Ahh don’t you just love them :D


Petri Dish said...

what is it called? i want to look like the monkey that i feel like on the inside.

Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

My protagonist wears boots that are separated into individual toes in the novel I wrote and am getting published in May.

Grumpy Bulldog, Secret Agent said...

What's funny is Al Bundy invented those in a Married With Children episode like 20 years ago and it took shoe companies this long to actually make them.

What sucks about "Holes" is that the movie launched Shia LeBeouf's career.

anna. said...

i want those so bad.

Middle said...

I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who is contemplating purchasing them, they are comfortable and they are like the ads say "so comfortable they are like running in bare feet." As far as the movie I preferred the book but doesn't everyone when a book turns into a movie...and congrats about getting published! They are called Adidas adiPURE training barefoot women's running shoes.