Thursday, January 12, 2012

what is 'the After'?

the After is...

... everything you want it to be.

...a trap

...where all your friends and family wait for you

...frighteningly perfect

the After is my latest book: four years in the making, the After tells what happens to Saoirse following a plane crash that leaves her standing in her perfect kitchen with her perfect family in a perfect world that she cannot stand. Told by William Howard Taft -- yes, that William Howard Taft, who appears on her doorstep -- that she can leave, Saoirse sets off on her own travels through a world almost entirely of her making, trying to find out how to leave and to decide if she wants to.

If you ever wondered what comes next, the After is a must-read. Buy it on your Kindle for $0.99 or in paperback on Amazon.


Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

I shall add it to my goodreads to be read pile.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, since I already snuck one of yours in at the front of the line, this one will have to wait. I still need to get to Eclipse, anyway.