Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Scares You? (What the H?)

What makes a movie scary…?

I am probably the number one fan of scary movies and I have seen just about all of them. So I am going to make a list of my top 5 favorite scary movies. But first I would like to say some things that I think make a great scary movie.

To me a scary movie keeps me on my toes. The movie does not necessarily need to be scary as in goose bumps on my arm but if a movie has me engaged and it makes me think that something like this could actually happen. Or if I don’t see something coming and I scream (which has happened in the middle of the movie theater I may add) that is considered a great scare.

With those little tid bits in mind here is my list of scary movies;
1. Halloween
2. Blair Witch Project
3. The Strangers
4. The Decent
5. The Ring

I choose these movies for different reasons.

Halloween: I choose Halloween just merely for the idea behind it. I think that if I had a brother that was stalking me and trying to kill me I may piss my pants and then die of being scared before he got to. I also think that the way that the movie was filmed (it was a long time ago which helps a lot with it being even more scary) where Michael Meyers stands in the middle of the street just starring at Jamie Lee Curtis freaks me out. It makes me grab the pillow or blanket or nearest arm and cover my face watching what happens with one eye.

Blair Witch Project: It took a while for the shaking camera to not make me nauseous but I got use to it. I really thought that documentary part added to the scare factor because it only had three characters in it but one person is always filming so there are usually always only two people on camera. I think the scariest part of the film for me was that they were stranded in the woods and the noises that they hear at night are scary. The word cackling still sends chills up my spine.

The Strangers: What I like about this movie is that I think that something like this can actually happen. I mean two people are in the middle of nowhere and then three people come out of nowhere and starting torturing and these innocent people. There are people out in this world that would do something like this because they are bored and they want to make their lives better (in their eyes).

The Decent: I don’t think that this particular movie did well in the theaters but I bought the movie and it is one of my top five because it is so insanely weird that I literally freak out and have nightmares about the creatures that are in this movie. A group of girls wanting to go and explore caves and then they each start to disappear and are killed by these “man-creatures” that have been living in this cave for hundreds of years. The girls start to think that they may not be making it out but if they do they will be the first ones to make it out alive.

The Ring: OMG! Do I need to explain? I will anyways. I will mention crawling out of a well and that is where I will leave it.

What is your top 5?


Rusty Webb said...

I'm not a big fan of scary movies. But I am aware that horror films have benefited moreso than any other genre of films from fmri's. They actually use those things to image the brain in real time while folks watch movies. They can tell, quantitatively, when folks get scared, or bored, and can tailor a movie to be as scary as possible for the most people.

That can't make a crap movie brilliant, but it can make an already scary movie scarier. And that scares me. I can barely sit through the trailers and the theater when they start showing that scary stuff. Pisses me off.

Tim Morrissey said...

*****Descent***** (from your spelling editor - Decent and Descent both pass spellcheck, but they're different words)

Alien. That thing popping out of the gut. The darkness. The isolation. The steam. The clanking chains. This is a masterpiece of horror.

Grumpy Bulldog, Secret Agent said...

Halloween is my favorite too. Though growing up Freddy Krueger freaked the hell out of me. (The unnecessary reboot sucked though.)

Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

Wow...maybe we are soul mates. You and I are scared by the same things.