Saturday, February 11, 2012

A glimpse inside the wonderland that is my brain.

I like to think of my mind as a high-functioning, well-organized machine that efficiently and quickly gathers information, sorts it into useful categories, and then retrieves it in an instant to make maximum use of what I’ve gathered up.

In fact, my mind works like this ACTUAL DEMONSTRATION:

Me: [appearing before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals]:  Good morning, your honors, may it please the Court, I…


[Realize I forgot what I was going to say.]

[Glance down at my notes.]

[Forget to read notes because my mind is for some reason remembering at that exact moment that I had coupons for Sonic breakfast and I could have saved $1.00 that morning on the drive to court, although I’m not entirely sure whether the coupons have expired, and, come to think of it, I’m not even sure I brought them with me, and now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure I left my wallet at that gas station.]

[Look up. Realize judges are waiting to hear what I’m going to say. Wonder why the chorus from the 1980s song Tarzan Boy is the only thing I can think of.]

Anyway, turns out that judges cannot summarily disbar you, so I’ve still got a job while that petition wends its way through the courts and I can talk to you about Clipix, which is how I learned to stop relying on my mind and start relying on computers to remember things, which is, after all, why we invented computers.  Well, that and to perfectly time our toast in the morning.

clipix is this new webservice that lets you clip and save and share things you find online.  Things like, say, a t-shirt that you think would be perfect to buy for your husband. (Hint Hint, Sweetie).

Here’s how it works: Sign up for Clipix at  All you have to have is a Facebook or Twitter and everyone has those because Twitter is cool and you have a Facebook page because everyone else has one so you got one too even though Facebook is boring, so you use that to sign up and then just drag the Clip button onto your browser bar, and then go about your ordinary web business, say,

Reading some celebrity gossip websites

See a t-shirt you like

Find the place where they sell it

And then BOOM! You click clip and you get a little window that asks where you want to save that thing:



And you save it and move on.

So Clipix is a great reminder, but it’s also a way to share – you can let certain people share your Clipix’s, so Sweetie could share my t-shirt selections and know what to buy me for Valentine’s day (hint hint) and you could have a group of bloggers share ideas, or a group of writers share blog posts, or more.

The possibilities are endless – and it’ll save you from having to remember. All. That. Stuff.


Leaving your brain free to remember things like Tarzan Boy, and also defenses to disbarment.  Which you could look up online and share with the lawyer appointed by your insurance company to represent you.  Always trying to help, Terry!

I’m sure I’ve missed some things you could Clipix; if you have ideas, leave them in the comments.  Or Like Clipix on Facebook, ( or follow them on Twitter (@clipix), or watch this:

But definitely sign up.

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