Thursday, February 09, 2012

Paint is my LOVE! (Middle What the H?)

It is a rare occasion that I share my artwork with people that I do not know but at the same time I thought that it would better than showing people that are close to me.

A friend of mine recently saw some of my painting and has now encouraged me to show more people. They believe that with each artist no matter what they think of their own artwork it is beautiful. Each piece represents the artists themselves and it reflects who they are.

My paintings are a representation of me and my life. There is no coherent theme and they are
chaotic but organized at the same time. Which is more or less how I would describe my life.

I hope you enjoy!!


Briane P said...

I think they're great. I would have seen these before but I was too busy not fixing your vacuum the last time we visited, which, by the way, did you get your vacuum fixed or did that end being doubly the worst Xmas present ever?

Middle said...

I did get it fixed...