Thursday, March 08, 2012

250=1, Story Four

I'm writing a series of stories that are exactly 250 words, including the title. Find more of them here.

What Hannah Said When She Hugged Her Competitor

“And the actual retail price is… $25,671.”

Hannah had lost.

People cheering, models clapping, there was confetti or something falling maybe, she wasn’t sure, and then suddenly what’s-her-name Kassidie was grabbing her and hugging her.

“I’m so so so happy!” Kassidie said in her ear, bouncing up and down, holding tight to Hannah, who could not take her eyes off the package that would have included a trip to the Riviera.

“I’ll never go to the Riviera,” she whispered to Kassidie, who didn’t appear to hear at first and kept bouncing up and down and hugging her. “I’ll never use the new luggage to pack and get on a plane to go to a luxury hotel in whatever country the Riviera is in and then sit on whatever the Riviera is wearing my new diamond necklace.”

Kassidie’s jumping was slowing down.

“This was it,” Hannah continued. “I didn’t even know you ten minutes ago, and I didn’t have any idea ten minutes ago that I might be going to the Riviera. I now I hate you with a burning passion that scares me, and I’m sobbing inside for not going to the Riviera, and I don’t even know where that is.”

Kassidie stopped entirely and Hannah felt the other woman’s hands let go of her own back. She held on now.

“I know you want to stop hugging me,” Hannah said, “But I need you to keep on, for just a bit.”


Grumpy Bulldog, March Madman said...

Aaaaah! Nooooo! That would really suck to be the one who loses and then you get hustled out of the shot so the winner can celebrate. Even worse I suppose if the other person wins BOTH showcases.

Almost as bad is if you bid 600 on something and the next jerk bids 601 and then wins. I wish they'd change that so you have to have a little separation because it's not very sporting if one person bids 600, the next 601, the next 602, and the last 603.

Andrew Leon said...

Ooh... good story.